If you\’ve been tasked with the responsibility of planning a bachelorette party, you probably already know that bachelorette party gift ideas, like bachelorette party favors and other swag for the bride and bridesmaids, are a big part of the girls\’ getaway. While there\’s no need for you and the other guests to go overboard with gifts for the bride-to-be (you\’re already throwing the party and have likely bought engagement gifts and wedding gifts, too), it\’s nice to surprise her with one or two treats that will make her feel extra-loved. We recommend sticking to items that the bride can use during the actual party, gifts that she can enjoy with her partner, or things that will remind her to pamper herself in the weeks leading up to the big day. Ready to start shopping? Here are some of the great gift ideas that will put a smile on your best friend\’s face.   

This cheeky hat comes in handy for a bachelorette weekend in the sun, and your bestie can re-wear it again in the future after a day of bottomless mimosas at brunch.

How many cozy sweatshirts can you have? The limit does not exist, especially when they look this cute. This \’wifey\’ crew neck comes in five different colors and would be perfect for honeymoon travel. 

A sexy lace number is a must for any bachelorette party, even if yours isn\’t lingerie-themed. This bodysuit feels extra-fancy thanks to the satin bows. 

Help the bride get her lips ready for their closeup with this deeply hydrating lip balm set. Plus, the iridescent pink packaging is so pretty! 

Customize this \’90s-inspired necklace with up to nine characters or letters. Some of our favorite ideas: The couple\’s wedding date, their initials, or the bride-to-be\’s new last name. 

A zipper jewelry case is especially useful if the bride will be traveling for her honeymoon. Personalize this bachelorette party gift idea with up to 10 letters. 

If your BFF isn\’t into lingerie, then surprise her with a new set of matching pajamas instead. A rose gold silk tank top and shorts are oh-so luxurious. 

A moisturizing nail set is a perfect gift for the mani-obsessed bride. This one includes hand serum, cuticle oil, and foot serum to keep her skin smooth and her nails strong. 

This bachelorette party gift idea is one that the newlyweds will be able to enjoy together. The kit includes 100 double-sided straws with challenges and questions to help the couple to spice things up in the bedroom. 

Fill this cute velvet makeup bag with hair ties, mini toiletries, and other goodies (as vanilla or as risqué as you want) to create a complete honeymoon survival kit for the bride-to-be. 

If the newlyweds will have a new home together after the wedding, a cozy blanket is a great gift that they\’ll both love. This artsy throw has a two-tone smiley face design that you can personalize with their initials. 

Coffee and tea fanatics will get plenty of use out of these matching Mr. and Mrs. mugs. The set is a cute engagement gift, too!  

Pair this pink \’bride\’ straw with a bachelorette party shirt, bachelorette sash, or customized tumbler for the bride-to-be.  

This keepsake photo frame is a gorgeous way for the bride to showcase some of her favorite photos after the wedding day. 

Depending on the bride\’s personality, she\’ll be totally thrilled about getting these lacy panties—or totally embarrassed, which is half the fun. They\’re also a great option for a lingerie-themed bridal shower!  

These cookies are almost too pretty to eat. Pair them with a bottle of the bride\’s favorite bubbly for a bachelorette party gift idea that everyone can enjoy during the party. 

Treat the bride to a trio of scented candles that will help her unwind and push through the last few weeks of wedding planning. 

Surprise your BFF with a special video appearance from her favorite celebrity, musician, or reality TV star for a bachelorette party moment she\’ll always remember. 

The bride will love rocking this beaded clutch for the bachelorette night out and again on her honeymoon. 

With more than 150 conversation prompts and questions, this deck of cards will help the newlyweds take their emotional bond to an even deeper level any time they need to reconnect. 

Who needs wine glasses and party cups when you have these ring shot glasses? They\’re a fun addition to your bachelorette party decorations and will look so cute on the \’gram—plus, they double as gift bag favors for the bridal party.   

A sleep mask is a must for catching up on Z\’s after a fun night out, and this one is as cute as they come.  

We\’re calling it now: Aromatherapy shower steamers are the new bath bombs. These handmade cubes feature scented essential oils to help the bride relax whenever she\’s feeling stressed. 

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