Engagement parties are a great way to bring two families together to celebrate a couple\’s happy news — and a killer engagement party theme is the perfect way to maximize the celebration. Typically, engagement parties are hosted by the bride’s family but these days, they can be hosted by the groom\’s family, a group of friends, or other relatives — really, anything goes! While an engagement party is usually a more casual affair than the wedding, it\’s important to make sure that whatever engagement party theme you choose, it suits the couple of the hour\’s style!

Here are a few of our favorite engagement party themes.

Backyard barbecue

A casual setting and casual food makes for a relaxed celebration. A backyard barbeque is a great idea if your families don\’t know each other well yet — keeping things low-key and comfortable will make everyone feel welcome and able to mix and mingle.

Friends\’ happy hour

If you really don\’t want a big celebration, a low-key after-work happy hour just for your friends is a great idea. Guests can pop by at their convenience, stay for as long as they\’d like, and enjoy a few drinks while they’re at it.

Budget-friendly brunch

Hosting an engagement brunch is often a less expensive idea — brunch food is cheaper and venues will be less in-demand earlier in the day. Plus, who doesn’t love celebrating over a stack of pancakes and a mimosa?

Activity for all

Is there an activity that you and your fiancé(e) love? If you have a relatively small group for your engagement party, why not engage in an activity together? This could be great way to break the ice for families that don’t know each other too well. Some ideas: a group cooking class, a hike to one of your favorite scenic spots, a softball game (just be sure to mix up the sides among families), a bicycle tour of your city, and more!

Formal dinner

If you and your fiancé(e) are foodies, then perhaps an engagement party at the new hot restaurant would be a great way to celebrate? Again, this would be best for a relatively small group (perhaps even just immediate families). Happy celebrating!

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